Members in Need of Assistance
Illinois FOP Members-in-Need Program

Whether you are a member in need or someone looking to assist, you have come to the right place. The Illinois Fraternal Order of Police uses this page to publicize special needs of member officers and families, giving other members and the public an opportunity to provide assistance and support.

Need Assistance?

Want to Provide Assistance? Below are Members-in-Need.

03.25.2015 Financial Assistance Needed

Mike Swaney, retired Champaign PD, Member IL017

Mike has had several health issues affect him and at this time is in the hospital in St. Louis. To assist him and his family with medical bills as well as mounting travel costs for his family to be with him, Illini Lodge 017 is taking donations. All funds will go directly to Mike and his family. Please send check or money order to:


Illini Lodge 17

P.O. Box 3901

Champaign, Illinois 61826

Attn: Dave Parsons


01.13.2015  Financial Assistance Needed

Randy Hoving, Lodge IL218, Lancing

Randy and his wife and two children were affected by a house fire last night. While salvageable the home is unlivable and due to fire and water damage they have lost all belongings. Please send donations to

            Randy Hoving

            c/o Lansing Lodge IL218

            2710 170th St.

            Lansing, IL 60438