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The 330,000 members of the Fraternal Order of Police are aware of the anti-police symbolism and language used during portions of the halftime show at Super Bowl 50. We would invite the performer who voiced those words to join us in trying to bring communities together rather than trying to further divide them. The Fraternal Order of Police pledges to continue to work with serious stakeholders to do just that because we know that by working together, communities and those that serve and protect them are safer.

We encourage the NFL to use its popularity in a socially responsible manner and work with Law Enforcement to help bridge the divide caused by the caustic attitude embodied in the Half Time show at the Super Bowl.

The men and women who protected the Super Bowl participants and the tens of thousands of fans in attendance have the right to expect the NFL and others in the spotlight to work with their communities in a productive positive manner.

The FOP stands with all Americans who wish to exercise their First Amendment rights and the citizens of our country know that we are working hard every day to preserve their right to free expression. Positive actions, cooperation, and a lot of hard work are needed to bridge the gap created by negative media and hate speech.

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