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SPRINGFIELD — The Illinois Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) has joined FOP lodges in Chicago, New York City and elsewhere in calling for a boycott of films directed or produced by Quentin Tarantino because of comments Tarantino made that police involved shootings are “murders.”

“Mister Tarantino’s comments are an insult to the men and women who put their lives on the line every day to protect each citizen, and even his own father claims Tarantino is ‘dead wrong’ to have made those remarks,” ILFOP President Chris Southwood said. “The 32,000 members of the ILFOP, and our brothers and sisters in law enforcement across the nation, are owed a sincere apology. Until one is received, we urge all citizens to boycott Tarantino’s films, many of which glorify the violence he claims to be against with his thoughtless, deliberately inflammatory, and ‘dead wrong’ comments.”

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Legislative Committee

Your Legislative Committee

Keith Turney, Chair (Joliet)

Todd Adkisson, (Troopers)

Kevin Farrell, (Cook County)

Kevin Graham, (Chicago)

Tom Lonergan, (Chicago)

Tom McDonagh, (Chicago)

Greg Johnson, (IDOC)

Terry Trueblood(Sec. of State)

David Wickster, (Oak Park)

Chris Southwood, (IL State Lodge President)