Interview with Jerry Lieb Facts matter moments.

Join Terry Trueblood as he interviews Jerry Lieb, a vice-chairman of trustees for the Illinois state lodge.

House bill 3913

This podcast is on a subject that can be a little more serious for some. A sex offender law house bill 3913. Two ILL lawmakers filed a bill in the general assembly that would allow a registered sex offender to live closer to a public school. On Feb 19 27th district democrat representative Justin slaughter field house bill 3913 which would allow a registered sex offender to live within 250 ft of a public school current ILL law requires a sex offender to live at least 500 ft from a public school. Less than a football field away sex offender can be from a public school. From most dealt with above 50 sex offender cases.


This issue is devastating to the family Too many young children have been affected Jerry himself has had over 50 cases regarding kids as young as 5-13. It is an act to keep them 500 feet away. The sex offender registration and notification act are also known as SORNA.

SORNA is part of a comprehensive federal law that requires states to maintain a system for monitoring and tracking convicted sex offenders following their release into the community.

The act makes it a federal crime to knowingly fail to register with the authorities of a state or to fail to update registration at specified times, in accordance with the requirements of the law. Concerning says if homeless not required to set up a … we will lose track of offenders. It is damaging what is and has been done to children.