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A Political Action Committee, or PAC, is a legal and logical extension of the state and federal democratic process. PACs build upon the strong tradition in this country of like-minded citizens who have joined together to make sure their voices are heard in the political process.

The people who participate in and contribute to PACs realize that there is strength in numbers. A PAC allows an organization like the Fraternal Order of Police to strongly support political candidates who have supported, or pledge to support, the organization’s goals. PACs are allowed by law to make a larger political campaign contribution than can be made by individuals.

Political campaigns are expensive, and PACS are a vital source of funds for local, state and federal candidates seeking to achieve or retain elected offices. There are nearly 4,000 PACs in existence at the federal level today and thousands more at the state level.

PACs became a significant component of political campaign financing in 1974 with amendments to the 1971 Federal Election Campaign Act. The law allowed the formation of PACs and set limits on the amounts a corporation, union or individual can contribute. However, by soliciting smaller contributions from a larger pool of individuals, such as individual FOP members, PACs can generate substantial funds for candidates.

The main reason to form a PAC is to help support and elect those candidates who are like-minded with the Fraternal Order of Police in their views on government policy. We as American citizens have this fundamental right, upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. We have all seen what happens when legislators take strong stands supporting the anti-police voices who help to keep them in office. That’s exactly what happened when the Illinois General Assembly passed, and Governor J.B. Pritzker signed, the so-called police reform legislation that could prove to be devastating to the law enforcement profession.


The FOP PAC is a group of individuals who are pooling financial resources to help elect men and women who share our interests and concerns about public policy issues. Our goal is to elect people who value public safety and law enforcement, not the many in the status quo who time and time again put their own interests before those of the citizens they represent. By law we must be transparent in our contributions, so you will always know where your money is going.


Participating in a PAC with your contributions is a convenient, highly effective and meaningful method to fight back for your profession. It is a proven way to exercise your rights as a citizen while realizing political success for our law enforcement cause. In addition, our combined numbers in the PAC will be a loud voice that cannot be ignored by any elected official.

The FOP Action IL State Lodge (FOP Action) is a voluntary, unincorporated association established in the State of Illinois. The FOP Action is organized to protect, preserve, and improve benefits for individuals in law enforcement and the communities they serve. The FOP Action Committee funds are used to support candidates for local and state political office. These candidates support Illinois law enforcement, safe communities, and the issues important to you. Contributions to the FOP Action Committee are used to elect law enforcement officers and other individuals committed to public safety and the law enforcement profession.

  • The FOP Action Committee is the political advocacy arm for you, law enforcement, and your community.
  • The FOP Action Committee is statewide in its efforts and covers races throughout Illinois. 
  • The FOP Action Committee is bipartisan in nature.
  • The FOP Action Committee relies on voluntary contributions from people like you to achieve our shared goals. 
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