The Illinois Legislature missed their self-imposed adjournment deadline of May 19th.  They will be back in Session this week to continue their Spring Session.  The usual adjournment is May 31st as it takes a super-majority vote to pass any bill after that.  Keep in mind that the new Fiscal Year begins on July 1st so they have plenty of time to complete their work.

It appears that a key budget sticking point revolves around the Medicaid funding for healthcare for adult immigrants.  This started out as a budget item of only a few million dollars and now is projected to cost over a billion dollars.  These negotiations have sometimes become contentious.  In good fiscal news, the State’s Rainy Day Fund now has over $1.7 billion in it.

There are other big issues remaining in the Capitol including cannabis legislation, LGDF, police pension issues, BIPA, modernization of I-55, and many others.

We continue to watch legislation even more carefully and be vigilant of late amendments, especially during this last week of the Session. Attached are only the bills that are currently active. The others we are tracking for you have been sent back to the Senate Assignments Committee or House Rules Committee. Keep in mind that nothing is ever really dead in Springfield. Any of those bills could be revived so we will continue to monitor them.

Below please find the list of bills so far that we have identified for you.  Please review those listed below.