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From our early beginnings in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1915 to today, the Fraternal Order of Police has grown to become the largest and most commanding voice in law enforcement.  So, join more than 33,000, sworn law enforcement professionals who live or work in the state of Illinois.  Don’t have a lodge to join check out Lodges to find a local lodge near you. 

The Illinois Fraternal Order of Police welcomes all sworn law enforcement officers who live or work in Illinois. Officers of any rank are eligible for membership.

Membership Application Form

To apply as a FULL-TIME, SWORN law enforcement officer, please complete the membership application form.

If you have any questions email the state lodge.

Associate Membership

Become an Associate Member to support law enforcement in Illinois, stay abreast of timely information affecting law enforcement, and receive an annual membership card and auto decal.

Associate membership is open to anyone! (Sponsorship or background check required – see information below.)

For only $30 per year, Associate members receive:

  • Membership Card
  • Auto Decal

All Associate Members will be eligible to apply for an exclusive ILFOP Visa Credit Card offered through ISPFCU. The information will be included in your membership packet.

In addition, Associate members may purchase one adhesive medallion per year for $10.

To be granted Associate membership, all applicants must have an eligible sponsor* or agree to undergo a background check by the Illinois State Lodge. Background checks are $16, payable by the applicant and remitted at the time of application. Please submit the background check form with your application to expedite processing. All information is held in the strictest confidence.

Background Check Form

Click to down load a Background Check form

* An eligible sponsor is an FOP member (full-time, sworn law enforcement professional) who recommends the applicant for Associate membership.

The FOP President and/or Secretary will verify sponsorship and approve or deny applications accordingly. There is no appeal process for membership denial.

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PLEASE NOTE: Associate members are not eligible to purchase FOP license plates. State law limits eligibility to full-time, sworn law enforcement officers that are current in the FOP as full members.