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Back the Blue Parade Ceremony

Back the Blue Parade Ceremony

Support the men in blue. Join us on Saturday, May 22nd, and help us stand and support our men in blue. House Bill 3653, authored by the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus, was approved by the Illinois General Assembly recently, bringing “significant changes” to things like police training policies, police accountability, transparency in law enforcement, and the rights of detainees and prisoners, according to Sen. Elgie R. Sims, Jr., who sponsored the bill.

Among the changes the bill will bring are the elimination of monetary bail, a requirement that all police officers wear body cameras by 2025, a ban on all police chokeholds, new guidelines for “decertification” of police officers, and an end to suspended licenses for failure to pay, among several other changes.

Police officers are both parts of the community they serve the government but most importantly they serve the people protecting their communities.

Police have Purpose

The purpose of law enforcement in a free society is to promote public safety and uphold the rule of law so that individual liberty may flourish. Trust and accountability between law enforcement and the communities they are sworn to protect are essential to advancing these goals.

The Parade starts in Chi-Town Harley Davidson. Police escort down interstate 80! We will have groups join our parade from every exit down interstate 80 from Tinley Park to Psycho Silo Saloon. We ask that you gather a group and join in. SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! Be as loud as you want- lights sirens flags. Anything to stand up and stand out!

Ceremony Date and Time

Psycho Silo Saloon, Langley, IL, The Ceremony starts at 3 pm. We will be honoring a special officer. All profits from t-shirt sales will be donated to the hero officer. Any and all vehicles are welcome. Are you ready? Come out and support all of the men and women who help and dedicate themselves by risking their lives for our families.