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Interview With Executive Director of ILFOP Labor Council – Shawn Roselieb – Facts Matter Moments Podcast

In this episode of “Facts Matter Moments” Terry Trueblood is interviewing Shawn Roselieb, Executive Director of the Illinois FOP Labor Council. There are currently 12,000+ people who are in the labor council and more growing every day. They discuss Illinois HB3653 which is now a public act, and focus specifically on how it affects collective bargaining as a whole and how that will impact the future for law enforcement in Illinois.

House Bill 3653 and Collective Bargaining

In House Bill 3653, police discipline is removed from the collective bargaining process. The bill would have eliminated significant collective bargaining rights for law enforcement. HB 3653 would also eliminate qualified immunity for law enforcement. Fortunately, the collective bargaining portion of the bill was not approved. There were labor organizations that did step up and they saw that what was happening for police organizations could happen in other labor organizations. The impact of HB 3653 happened to be very minimal. This change only affected 9 jurisdictions in the state of Illinois.

The Role of Police Unions

Shawn also discusses some of the public’s misconceptions about police unions. Some of these misconceptions include the notion that unions “keep bad cops on the street” which is simply not true. “We don’t keep bad cops on the street, and we work hard to make sure that the profession is still a noble profession and we want to make sure that those that are out there performing those duties are the best and the brightest.” – Shawn Roselieb Terry shares that the Illinois police are very concerned with who they put in their ranks. They do not want “sluffers” in the ranks. You have to have passion to do law enforcement, it’s not just an 8-5 job. Additionally, between the House Bill and early retirements, that alone is going to cripple the recruitment. HB 3653 is the type of bill that is going to drive people out of the profession.

About Shawn Roselieb

Shawn joined the IL FOP Labor Council in January of 2013 after completing a twenty year career with the East Moline Police Department. He served as a patrolman, K9 officer, and detective before retiring at the rank of sergeant. During Shawn’s career in East Moline he was also an elected executive board member representing District 2 on the IL FOP Labor Council’s Executive Board. He served ten years in the elected capacity of Executive Board Member including two terms as Executive Board Chairman. After retiring from his law enforcement career he served as Field Representative, Assistant Director, and is the current Executive Director for the IL FOP Labor Council. Shawn has also been active in the Illinois FOP State Lodge over the years. He served on the Illinois FOP State Lodge Executive Board as the Labor Council Representative, and prior as an elected District 12 Trustee. He has also served on several committees and task groups within the FOP State Lodge and National FOP. With Shawn’s vast experience working within the various aspects of the FOP he is a staunch advocate for all of the members and their rights.