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Police Pension Investment Elections


Something new is happening for all downstate and suburban municipal police officers. You can help protect your retirement but you have to vote in the new elections! All active members of an downstate police pension fund (Article 3 pension fund) can vote for their representatives on the newly created investment board. There are 3 great candidates who are running to protect police officers’ money and to keep the State out of our pensions!

Steve Witnik

Candidate for Active Trustee

Steve Witnik is a FOP member, President of the Franklin Park Police Pension Fund and trusted steward of police officers’ money who fights against waste and special interests.

  • President of the Franklin Park Police Pension Fund
  • A steward of police officers’ money who will fight against waste and special interests
  • Endorsed candidate by the Fraternal Order of Police State Lodge

I am a sergeant serving as a watch commander with the Franklin Park Police Department.  I have been at Franklin Park since 2002.

I am the President of the Franklin Park Police Pension Fund and have been since 2008.  I have overseen constructing rules and investment policies to safeguard police officers’ money.  I have always acted as a fiduciary and put the officer’s needs first.

I have been the Treasurer, Vice President, and contract negotiator of FOP Lodge 47.  I am active with my local police community.  I also participate with The Lions Club, the Unity in the Community Foundation, Aunt Martha’s, and St. Baldrick’s.

I am married and have two children.

Art Holecek

Candidate for Active Trustee

Art Holecek is an FOP member who sits on the Hindsdale Police Pension Fund and who has a history of fighting for and achieving pension funding.

  • Career record of fighting for and achieving pension funding
  • Lifelong resident of Chicago suburbs with my wife and 4 kids
  • I will guard against politicians EVER touching our money
  • FOP endorsed candidate

I am a detective with the Hinsdale Police department.  I have a specialty and interest in financial crimes. I have been a Juvenile Officer, School Resource Officer, Major Crimes task force investigator (FIAT and now MERIT) SWAT operator (FIAT), and a firearms and Taser instructor.

I have been a pension fund trustee for 20 years and am President of the Hinsdale Police Pension Fund.  The fund is a healthy 74% funded due to our Board’s advocacy and diligent work.

All my work is based on my belief that every dollar in the fund belongs to the police officers.  I never waste a dollar and I NEVER let one dollar get spent that is not for the best interest of the officers.  I will NEVER let the State anywhere near the money in the investment fund.

Aaron Porter

Candidate for Active Trustee

Aaron Porter is an FOP member from Willowbrook who is a Tier 2 member that prioritizes fighting for pension equity for all FOP members.

  • Fighting for equity for Tier 2 candidates
  • Protecting our money against Springfield Politicians
  • Lifelong resident of DuPage County
  • Endorsed candidate by the Fraternal Order of Police State Lodge

I am an active police officer in Willowbrook and the only Tier 2 candidate running for this office. I have worked my entire career to fix the major issues in the Tier 2 system caused by lawmakers and special interests in Springfield. It is simply not sustainable for our state to provide different benefits to officers and their families while performing the same job as Tier 1 officers.

I was born and raised in DuPage County and currently reside in Lisle with my wife, a nurse, and my children. I was voted Officer of the Year by my peers and I am proud to be recognized for my work by the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists.

Ballots will arrive in the mail in early November and ballots are due by December 1st. Do not forget to vote to support your fellow officers.